About Alyssa

Welcome to the Well!

Born and raised in the West, but Southern at heart. Alyssa currently lives in the mountains of Northern California amidst Gold Rush country and former Maidu and Miwok territory. She began her reading journey with Nancy Drew and the Lord of the Rings at an early age, and never turned back. Alyssa also loves to write, classic films, music and all things vintage. She's also very involved in her church as a Sunday School Teacher. She has a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Pro-Life Movement, Politics, Personal Freedom, and an advocate against Human Sex Trafficking. Alyssa is also an amateur Genealogist and has found her ancestry to have everything and the kitchen sink. Her stories are a mixture of truth and happily ever afters, because this world could use more happily ever afters. 

Alyssa reads every book she can get her hands on, writing Fiction, Non-Fiction & Poetry. As a proud woman of Irish, Scandinavian and Choctaw descent, when she isn't writing or reading she can be often found educating the next generation about the history and cultures of her people.


Chi pisa la chike!