Friday, January 27, 2017

REVIEW: The Returning by Rachelle Dekker

About the Book

Twenty years have passed since Carrington and Remko Brant's baby, Elise, was kidnapped and they were forced to leave her captive in the Authority City. Though they fled with the Seers far from Authority reach, they've never given up hope of rescuing their daughter from the man who betrayed them. Now Authority President, he's ushered the city into a new era of "peace"--one where the Scientist Roth Reynard's Genesis Serum has eradicated all memory of emotion or rebellion.But the mysterious Aaron and his Seers are once again on the move, threatening the illusion the Authority has worked so hard to build. As the Seers send seven chosen warriors to rescue Elise and bring restoration to the Authority City, the lines are drawn for a final battle between light and darkness. The key to ultimate victory may rest within the strangely powerful girl who has felt forgotten but was never abandoned--a truth she'll need to wage war against the powerful forces of evil.

My Review

The Returing by Rachelle Dekker is the third and final installment in her YA Fantasy/Dystopian Seer trilogy. First of all, there is a decent amount of time that has passed since the second book. So be aware of that. The Returning and the Seer trilogy was an intense and wild ride that I enjoyed immensely. The characters were fully fleshed out and jumped right off the page. Carrington and Remko felt so real to me. The world building is fantastic. However, my only quabble is that I wish Rachelle had been more bold in the spiritual aspect of the story. Other than that I found the story compelling and I couldn't put it down. I recommend this to all fans of Dystopian/Fantasy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

REVIEW: No Fear by Tony Perkins

About the Book

This book heralds a new generation of Christians who are more than bold…they are fearless!

No Fear draws you inside the stories of young, ordinary believers who, despite incredible opposition, courageously stood up for God’s truth. Tony Perkins pairs each story with a biblical example, and gives practical ideas for building a “no fear” perspective every day.

Today, followers of Jesus Christ face more opposition to their beliefs than any generation in American history. Yet even in such a hostile cultural and political environment, it is an exciting time to stand firm in the faith. 

You have been chosen to live in this important hour and reading these stories will inspire you to the same kind of courage. So what are you waiting for? 

Includes discussion questions after each chapter.

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Making a Difference Starts with Standing Up for What’s Right

A fourteen-year-old girl testifies before the Maryland state senate in support of the traditional family. A young man and his new wife launch a campaign to decrease abortions in their community. A high school cheerleader goes to court for the right to put Bible verses on banners at football games.

These young Americans knew that honoring God and his Word was more important than winning friends or keeping their jobs. 

In No Fear Tony Perkins tells the stories of young Christians who took a stand for truth in the face of intense opposition. These unlikely heroes will show you the dramatic influence one person can have in seeking fairness, justice, and compassion in a nation. The book also draws you back to the heroes of the Bible who stood up for God in their own day and culture, modeling the same brand of courage that is needed today.

What would you do for God if you had no fear? The possibilities are endless. It’s time to get started!

My Review

No Fear is a compilation of stories of courageous young people standing for biblical truth in a world that hates truth. These are young people that are doing for the world and the church than most mature adults. These kids, while an inspiration to those their own age, but can be an inspiration to those older than they are. They are this generations movers and shakers. This is a must read not just for believers, but everybody.