Friday, November 25, 2016

REVIEW: Jesus Over Everything by Clayton Jennings

About the Book

Because Jesus is Everything, We Must Put Jesus Over Everything

Discouraged, frustrated, and disillusioned by a watered down version of Christianity, many people are turning away from the Church and their faith. They recognize that neither a sinful world nor a lifeless religion can satisfy their deepest longings and their hunger for something real. The answer is simple it s Jesus. 
It s Always Been about Jesus 
In Jesus Over Everything, Clayton Jennings strips Christianity down to its bare foundations, revealing the only Truth that has the power to change your life and transform the world Jesus Christ. In this bold and unapologetic call to action, Clayton examines Christ s teachings and shares testimonies from countless revivals across the country, where thousands are surrendering their lives to Jesus and being transformed by the Gospel. 
Jesus is everything, so He must be over
 everything. It s time to put Him first in your life and begin to live in the incredible freedom and divine purpose found only in making Christ your King! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, till the day I die!"

My Review

Jesus Over Everything is the debut release of Internet Phenomenon Clayton Jennings. I discovered Clayton's videos and spoken words around a year ago and quickly became engrossed in his ministry and looked forward to every new video he put out. Clayton's videos are simple, full of heart, compassion, and bold truth telling. Qualities I look for in someone who is in ministry. In his debut, a book I had been waiting for since he announced he was writing a book, Clayton bring Chrisianity down to the basic truths and that the answer to everything is not religion or be a part of a church. It is simply Jesus. I really enjoyed Clayton's personal and intimate writing style. He brought the truth with Jesus Over Everything. I recommend it!

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