Monday, November 21, 2016

REVIEW: Go by Preston Sprinkle

About the Book

Disciple-making is a passion of many, as it should be. It is, after all, our great commission. But much of contemporary discipleship is informed by instinct, and as such it is vulnerable to the whims and trends of the broader culture, which can take us further away from our biblical model and mandate.

Drawing on a 2015 Barna Group study of the state of discipleship in the United States commissioned by The Navigators, bestselling author Preston Sprinkle provides a holistic, biblical response for discipleship, providing accessible tools for all those who are engaged in making Christ-followers in the 21st century. Sprinkle points pastors, church leaders, and frankly, all Christ-followers, to a discipleship that is responsive to this most current research and accountable to the model of Jesus and his earliest followers, who counted making disciples as their most important work.

In an extremely practical fashion, Go helps us to discern, from the Scriptures and from exemplary disciple-making ministries, what discipleship is and is not, what it has become and what it can still be.

My Review

Go by Preston Sprinkle is a book all about Discipleship. Now, I have read plenty of other books on this subject, mostly due to attending Bible College for a few years. Go had a lot of great quotes and creative solutions. Although I will say that much of what I read in Go wasn't new to me at all. I have just read so many books on this subject that I don't think anything could be new to me. Was it a good book that gave good ideas and solutions, yes. Was it a book that I really needed to read, no. But it will be a great addition to the all of the other disciplship books out there.

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