Tuesday, December 15, 2015

REVIEW: Waiting Here for You by Louie Giglio

About the Book-

It comes the same time every year. Christmas. We have plenty of time to anticipate it, or in some cases...dread it. And, before we know it, it's gone as quickly as it came. What's it all for? Is there really hope for today in the story of a baby born so long ago? Those questions and others are answered in the promises of Advent. Advent is simply a season of expectant waiting and preparation. Most often, the arrival of an event or a person is made all the more sweet by our anticipation. How could waiting and expectation change your Christmas season? Join pastor and author Louie Giglio on an Advent journey to discover that waiting is not wasting when you're waiting on the Lord. Take hold of the chance to uncover the vast hope offered through the journey of Advent. In Waiting Here for You, readers will find peace and encouragement for their souls as anticipation leads toward celebration.

My Review-

Waiting Here for You by Louie Giglio is short book on Advent, specifically focusing on the Hope of Christmas. It's a book where you can read one passage each day, which is actually the point of this book or you can do what I did and read it all in one straight shot. And that didn't take long either, I think I read the whole thing in about 30 minutes. Yeah, it's that short. But I loved what I found inside. The Hope of Christmas is something we all need, especially in our world today, which is full of negativity, darkness, and immorality. This is a great Advent book perfect for yourself or as a gift to a loved one for Advent/Christmas season.

(Thank you BookLookBlogger for the review copy.)

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