Tuesday, December 1, 2015

COVER REVEAL: So Rare a Gem by Amber Lynn Perry

About the Book

Escape is Anna Rone’s only option. Never again will she be trapped in a loveless marriage. A new life in America means safety—and discovering the truth behind her beloved brother’s death. But when she is nearly captured and forced to return to England, her vow to never marry for anything but love is forgotten when she must marry for protection. Perhaps the handsome man she accepts is truly as caring as he seems. If he is not, her future in America is darker than ever before.
Captain Henry Donaldson aided the colonists too many times. And now, the British army intends to make him pay with his life. Without his friends in Sandwich, he would be a dead man. He’s already changed his name, and when the kind, courageous woman he rescued offers to become his bride, he accepts despite the risks. His past taught him that women are not to be trusted and that love can cut deeper than the sword. Only time will reveal if this choice will bring the greatest pain he’s ever known.

About the Author

I’m happy to say I’ve lived in American’s great Northwest for most of my life and currently, I reside in Washington state. “Wow, that’s a beautiful place,” you say. Well, it is for most of Washington, but I’m blessed (eh hem, pardon the sarcasm) to live in the most un-green place in all the Evergreen State. But I’m not bitter. *wink*
Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to be—no, not a writer—a stay-at-home mom. And after all these years, God has listened to my prayers and blessed me with two adorable daughters with whom I get to enjoy every single day. We do homeschool, and color, and play dress-up, and clean house, and make cookies, and read books—lots of books.
Speaking of books . . . it wasn’t until recently that I wanted to start writing and once I did, I knew I’d found my calling. I love to write stories (romance, of course!) set in my favorite era: Colonial America. *sigh* Perfect for a fabulous romance and high adventure, wouldn’t you agree?
I love this country—especially our “creation” years preceding, during, and following the Revolution. I am a strong believer in the principles of liberty and freedom.
As you may know, as well as being a patriot, I’m also a stalwart follower of Christ and a happy member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In addition to writing, I like to sing, travel, and bake delicious Gluten-Free foods.


This cover for "So Rare a Gem" is so pretty!!! I literally can't stop staring at it. In fact, all the covers for this series are absolutely gorgeous!! If you like Historical Romance set in the Colonial era than this is definitely the series for you.
So Rare a Gem releases in Spring 2016. As soon as I know of an exact date I will update this post. And since it doesn't come out until then we have plenty of time to re-read the previous two novels, "So Fair a Lady" and "So True a Love"

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  1. Alyssa!!! Wow, I can't thank you enough! It means so much to have my book featured on your blog!! This really made me smile--inside and out. I do hope you like SO RARE A GIFT. As you know, I love America and freedom, and our nation's founding is so wonderful, I hope readers enjoy learning more about our great and blessed past. Much love to you, Thank you so much!! <3


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