Wednesday, September 2, 2015

REVIEW: Shades of Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

{About the Book}

After cheating death, Veronica Welling is determined to savor every moment in her idyllic kingdom with both her true love and best friend by her side at last. At the same time, Mackenna Reid is enthusiastically building her new life and a theater with her prince. But just as their dreams of happiness are within reach, the world Vee and Kenna have chosen is ripped away, leaving them to face their most horrific challenge yet—their old lives.

Thrust out of Doon, the best friends are confronted with tormentors from their past and no way to return to their adopted land. When the MacCrae brothers rush to their rescue, the girls' situation turns from nightmare to modern-day fairy tale. But their happiness could be short lived: unbeknownst to them, someone in their closest circle is aiding the witch of Doon in her bid to destroy the kingdom once and for all.

{My Review}

Rating: 5 stars!
My Preciousssssss!!

I absolutely LOVE this series, but Shades of Doon is my favourite of the series thus far. The Doon series just seems to be getting better and better with each new installment. The covers also keep getting better and better.

Some of the setting of this book was set outside of Doon. While I didn't mind it, after a while I was really itching to get back into the world of Doon. Doon is such a beautiful, magical, and magnificent place that I want to spend as much time in that world as possible.

World building is top-notch, the writing is amazing, and great character growth. I also love the alternating POVs. Veronica and McKenna's voices are so different and fun to read. I really enjoy reading from both perspectives.

Another thing I love about these books is the wonderful Christian messages woven through each book in this series, but I did notice it was much more prominent in this newest installment. I love that Carey and Lorie aren't afraid to add it to the series.

Basically this book was almost flawless in my opinion and I am eagerly and impatiently awaiting the fourth and final book in this series.

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