Thursday, September 25, 2014

A New Story, A New Beginning

A New Story, A New Beginning

So I got an idea for a story almost a year ago & I put it on the back burner saying I'll get to it sometime. Feeling as if it wasn't quite time to begin the process of this book. Recently the idea has been weighing heavily on me the last few days. And today I go to  and see a story. That story sparked something in me about this idea I've had for so long. I opened my LibreOffice Writer and began to brainstorm this idea more fully and put some possible details down. As I began to brainstorm all these wonderful ideas were coming to me, even as I write this blog post I keep getting ideas and going back and forth from Blogger to LibreOffice to get these ideas down. This story idea, (which I will share more fully at a later date), is something that comes straight from recent headlines. Something that is now happening in our world. And there will be a Gospel presentation somehow weaved through this story. It has to be there or else there would almost be no point in writing this story. So please be praying that this important story flows through me and onto my computer screen.

Love Ya'll

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