Thursday, August 7, 2014

Houston....We Have A Title!!!!

So, a few days ago I posted here about my brand spanking new WIP, a kind of retelling or continuation of Alice in Wonderland. I posted the short blurb I had written and asked you guys, my readers, if you could come up with an awesome title. I also posted the very same question to the Got Teen Writers group on Facebook, then after I had a few titles I liked I made a poll for fellow writers to vote on which title they liked the best for my WIP.


The title that everybody loved the most and coincidentally the one I loved the most is.....

"After Alice"

I absolutely love this title and I can not wait to finish outlining so I can start writing!


  1. I love it! It fits perfectly with your blurb you shared! :)

  2. Cool. Congrats on finding the perfect titles, Alyssa. :)


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