Friday, May 23, 2014

REVIEW: Merlin's Nightmare by Robert Treskillard

Merlin's Nightmare by Robert Treskillard

{About the Book}

Arthur, now eighteen, is missing, and Merlin must find him before a shadowy pursuer catches him first.
With the High King and his kingdom caught in a trap of sinister deceit, Merlin has to find a way out before all is lost. Having everything to fight for, and almost nothing to fight with, Merlin and Arthur must rally Britain’s warriors against three overwhelming enemies: Saxen hordes in the south, Picti raiders in the north, and a chilling new enemy that has arisen in the west. At the same time, Morgana brings Merlin’s deepest fear to life and sets a horde of werewolves loose to destroy Britain. But when the secret purpose of this nightmare is finally revealed, will Merlin and Arthur find a way to survive—without unleashing an even greater evil?

{My Review}

4.5 Stars!

Merlin's Nightmare was a very intriguing read, I must say. The reason I decided to review this book was because of the content. I am more and more getting back into the Fantasy genre and I will read or watch anything pertaining to Merlin or King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. And of course dragons. Now I haven't read the two previous books in the series,  but after reading  and finishing Merlin's Nightmare in only a few hours I will most definitely be picking up Books #1 & #2!

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