Monday, April 14, 2014

REVIEW: Kaleidoscope Me by Hillary K. Grigonis

Kaleidoscope Me by Hillary K. Grigonis

{About the Book}

Sometimes, my mind is a kaleidoscope. Somewhere, buried beneath a hundred different swirling colors, is the original image, but as the dial turns, the original meshes with colors and becomes something completely different. Like the letter in my hand. It reminds me of how my hand shook as I tried to read my own handwriting in front of a hundred people at Mom's funeral, which swirls into the time Mom told me to date my thoughts like a book (so I could choose only the 'book' I needed whenever it was hard to focus), which becomes the conversation I overheard when Dad decided Aunt Nadine would help look after me and my brother. And then the dial turns to the first time Aunt Nadine lost it.

Jadyn's world twirls out of control after her mother dies in a car accident and her forgetful Great-Aunt Nadine moves in. Her dad is never home and her best friend doesn't even know half of it. Jadyn is trying to keep it all together for her little brother, Trenton. But when Aunt Nadine disappears with Trenton in the middle of a snowstorm, Jadyn's unusual way of thinking may be the only way to find them.

{My Review}

Rating: 3.5

Kaleidescope Me was a very interesting read. A lot of the story was told through flashbacks, which kind of confused me at first. Then after a bit of reading it became easier to understand. In fact, in some parts I thing the flashbacks were unecessary. Jadyn was kind of hard to sympathize with. At times Jadyn seemed to be somewhat whiney and annoying. Kaleidescope Me also needed more developement. The plot seemed underdeveloped to me, along with the characters. 

The pacing is quite slow, which for me I don't like. I much prefer fast-paced, heart-pounding reads. Also some of the characters are hard to connect with. I loved the blossoming relationship of Jadyn and her Aunt Nadine. Just to let you know, Kaleidescope Me, is not by any means a light read. After all it is about a girl dealing with the death of her mother.

While there are some things I didn't particularly like, Kaleidescope Me, is an enjoyable read. However, not a book I would read again. Kaleidescope Me, is most definitely a one time read. At least for me anyway.

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