Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Red X!!!

As you can probably tell by the photo on the left today is February 27. The day set aside for all people to show their support of the END IT MOVEMENT. Which I believe was started by Pastor Louie Giglio of the PASSION conference fame. We use this day to raise awareness of slavery.

Now I probably already know what your thinking. Slavery was abolished in the 1800's by President Abraham Lincoln. I'm writing this to tell you that slavery still exists, it is still alive today. It has only taken a different form. Sex Slavery.

My interest in getting involved and raising awareness about this particular issue began when I was first reading the Angel Eyes Trilogy by my friend Shannon Dittemore. Human trafficking is one of the issues/conflicts in her trilogy. (I highly recommend this series by the way.)

According to statistics, Sacramento is one of the top 5 in the United States suffering from a child trafficking epidemic. I live in Sacramento, this is my city. While I go about my day there are children, young women, and young men taken from their homes and families and put in absolutely unimaginable situations. 

This is not just a fight for the victims. This is OUR fight! Humans are NOT for sale!! I'm in it to END IT. Are you? If you want to be in it to END IT and get involved and fight this injustice please visit for more information on how you can get involved and raise awareness.

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