Thursday, November 7, 2013

X Factor-Motown Week

Last night X Factor took on the stylings of Motown.Now, I became very excited because I am a huge Motown fan. But some of the performers I expected to do very well did not do it for me. Like Carlos for example, he has that jazzy, motown like growl in his voice yet it was completely smoothed out and I did not hear even once. What is his mentor doing??!! How about after Lillie sang her song and Demi called her old fashioned and outdated....ummm...HELLO it is Motown week of course it sounds old fashioned. They are old songs. Ughh. Next was when they brought back Josh Levi as a wildcard. He by no chance should have been brought back. Compared to others who were eliminated there was some much better choices, like Danie Geimer. And of course what would this season of X Factor be without some one, like Demi, to once again put down and criticize Tim Olestad. This is what really drove me crazy. I am pretty upset with how they, especially Demi, is treating Tim Olestad. She and the others, not Simon I mind you, from the very beginning made their decision about Tim before he ever even sang a note. They don't like what he is singing or doing, but the overtly-sexualized 15 year old Ellona is praised and cheered on every time. Hmmm...seems like some of the judges are trying to add to the purposeful dumbing down of the music industry. And get those dancers off the stage....this is a singing competition. And some how there was a "glitch" in the voting arena so all the contestants time was wasted last night and they all have to perform again tonight.

So there is a summary of most of what went on last night on the X Factor USA!

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Alyssa Faith

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