Monday, November 4, 2013

A Quote from "A Melody of Love and Murder"

It is Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and I have written 4,084 words total, so far. I am about 2,000 words behind because on Saturday I went on a day trip and so I wrote 0 words that day. Well, today is not over and I plan to hop back on later tonight when I have less distractions. So, hopefully, I will have those 2,000 words on the page by midnight tonight. For fun here is my favorite part of my novel so far:

"Coloma, I still can't believe I am almost there. Almost back to a life I left behind. Almost back to a man I left behind. Beau Weston, even after all these years when I say his name my heart still skips a beat. I can smell his cologne and feel his arms wrapped around me. The spark when his soft lips touch mine."

And for everybody who is NaNoing here is something that a good friend of mine, Shannon, tweeted to me today while I was struggling to make my daily word goal. I hope it helps you too. Oh, and I did make my word goal today, I even went over it! Yay!

Happy NaNoing!
Alyssa Faith 


  1. It's Day 5 now and I'm only at 2638 words, but it's my first year, and I wasn't expecting to even get this far. Good Luck with your novel.

    1. Thanks Lori Ann! It is my first year too. And I just made it to 5857 words total. And I am actually behind about 2000 words. Just remember quantity or quality. It may be really terrible writing but just WRITE!!!

  2. Thanks for the quote. Can you please tell me what is NaNoWriMo?


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