Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Melody of Love and Murder Cover Reveal & Casting fun!!!

                 First things first, here is the cover I decided on for "A Melody of Love and Murder."

What happens when a young woman goes home and chaos ensues? Find out in "A Melody of Love and Murder".

Scarlet Comfort is a successful Southern Gospel singer. She has been traveling all over the world since she was discovered 8 years ago at her high school talent show. One day she gets a call from her Nana Rose. Rose tells her she needs Scarlet to come home as soon as possible. While Scarlet is home she runs into Beau Weston, her old boyfriend. Scarlet believes they are just too different, Beau is a simple country boy and Scarlet has become accustomed to city living and traveling. But, not long after Scarlet arrives weird things start happening. Then murder comes to town. While trying to figure out their feelings for each other, Scarlet and Beau must find out what is going on. But, Scarlet needs to watch her back. The killer is coming for her next, and she must discover who is creating all the chaos....before it's too late.

Now let's have some casting fun. These photos are inspirations for my characters and people I would want to play my characters if my story actually became a feature film. (That would be cool, huh!)

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